1st Choice RFID

1st Choice Security Solutions1st Choice Security Solutions, Inc. is an OEM supplier of long range, hands-free RFID readers, tags, and accessories for use in:

  • Vehicle identification;
  • Real-time asset and inventory location identification and loss prevention;
  • Employee and visitor access control and location monitoring; and
  • Personnel accountability for emergency evacuation and mustering.

They also provide ultrasound real-time location systems, wireless wiegand access control for gates and doors and GPS tracking.

1st Choice Security Solutions hardware combined with RFID system architecture, installation and either bespoke or off-the-shelf software supplied by Askaris Information Technology LLC has applications and benefits for fleet management, transportation and logistics providers, the health care industry, warehousing/inventory control, manufacturing, safety and security for businesses large and small, to name but a few.

Tag Features:

  • Long range (6” to >3,000’);
  • Tags are long lasting (battery can exceed 5 years depending on settings) and maintenance free;
  • Heavy duty moulded cases/housing makes them suitable for the toughest environmental and industrial conditions; and
  • Ability for 24/7 continuous tracking.