Askaris Software DevelopmentThe Askaris team has diverse experience in many disciplines, delivering solutions based on multiple platforms and languages including but not limited to iOS, Windows, Android and .Net. Askaris solutions can be integrated with any of the mainstream ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, OpenERP and any open standards-based business management system. Askaris has experience developing custom application solutions for;

  • Asset Tracking & Management,
  • Appointment & Booking Systems,
  • Purchase, Goods Received & Invoice Tools,
  • Audits, Inspections & Reports.

Askaris can assist you through the entire process of developing a custom system or application from concept to delivering end user training while aligning with current best practises and business standards.

Askaris specialise in systems which support displaced and remote user populations where bandwidth is intermittent or cannot be guaranteed.  Read more about the Askaris ARCUS platform below:

Askaris developed ARCUS with very large datasets in mind with negligible performance impact.  This provides huge business benefits specifically in the offshore and land based Oil & Gas sectors.  ARCUS supports many vertical markets and the fact that our systems are developed and deployed in the Oil & Gas sector gives us the confidence that the robustness of the product is especially suitable for high risk critical solutions.