Askaris has been providing specialist Rig Audit Services to the Oil and Gas industry for approximately 20 years.

Over that time we have become the most re-selected company in the Rig Audit business.  When we looked into our Rig Auditing success, it largely revolved around the ethos we implemented early on, which we continue to abide by today:

  • We select and train the right Rig Auditors and ensure they are are experts in a wide range of equipment, standards, legislation and requirements and that they provide accurate and quantifiable report detail, not wish-lists
  • We employ our Rig Auditors and give them careers, we don’t spot-hire personnel, so our Auditors get to know our clients, their standards and needs, plus they understand our own reporting systems inside out
  • We focus on providing the best Rig Audit report system available, both online and offline.  This is continually developed by adding new functionality to our online system, AuditTrack, which further enhances our hard copy report
  • We make sure our Rig Audit reports are written in a manner that is easy to understand and that clients can find the information they need without having to hunt for it
  • We do not just report the problem, we provide solutions with clear and practical details on how to rectify these findings based on years of experience, plus we work closely with our clients to rectify these findings
  • We have a global coverage ensuring we are available anywhere in the world where our customers need us, to provide Rig Audit services on any type of rig conceivable
  • As well as the auditing of drilling rigs, rig and office personnel and systems, we often audit and assist in the gap analysis of Operator systems, manufacturing facilities, shipyards and suppliers.

Although Askaris are one of the leading rig auditing companies in the world today, we still provide a personal service, with regional offices providing direct support to our clients wherever they might be. If you haven’t used our Rig Audit services as yet, then please call us to discuss any requirement you might have and experience our service for yourself.