Dropped objects remain one of the leading incidents in the oil industry today and having the right solution in place to help mitigate these is a crucial part of maintaining a safe working environment.

Askaris has been a leader in Dropped Objects prevention for many years now and have developed a suite of Dropped Objects services to fit varying client requirements:

DropsTrack – The industry leading static Dropped Objects inspection solution.

A thorough dropped objects survey conducted by rope access capable dropped objects specialists with a excellent rig specific follow up pack for the crew to conduct their follow-up own surveys with.

DOPP – An all-encompassing four-stage Dropped Objects Prevention Programme incorporating tailored rig specific training, as well as suggested client system improvements by one of our leading Dropped Objects experts. Followed by a thorough Dropped Objects inspection and a tablet based follow up program with optional RFID tagging integration.

This is the ideal total solution to help eradicate static and dynamic dropped objects and improve rig crew dropped objects culture.

Dropped Objects eLearning – Online or offline eLearning for rig crew and visiting service company personnel, so everybody is up to speed with the rigs’ dropped objects prevention culture. Askaris’ eLearning cover the dangers and consequences of Potential Dropped Objects, how to prevent them, industry best practices and recommended guidelines

Dropped Objects Training – Training on-site is a big step in the process of reducing risk through a better understanding of potential for dropped objects. The majority of dropped objects incidents can be avoided by the crew having a better awareness of the potential for dropped objects through awareness, improved maintenance, spotting a potential dropped object during both everyday activity and also those on those one-off jobs.

Askaris Drops Champion

Many of Askaris’ clients choose one of Askaris’ Drops Champions to assist them on either a temporary or permanent basis. These are Dropped Objects specialists who are there to help your organisation improve its approach to Drops.

Askaris’ Dropped Object Prevention Programme (DOPP) provides an all-round resolution to Dropped Objects.

We designed DOPP to answer an industry need for a complete Dropped Objects prevention solution all in one, that incorporated a number of key elements:

A check of the rigs systems and culture to see if there were any gaps to be filled, expert training of the rig crew based upon their current knowledge of dropped objects, A thorough Dropped Objects survey where improved tablet based tools for rig crew follow-up inspections were also created.

DOPP is broken down into 4 stages of implementation:

Stage One – A Rig Specific Dropped Object Evaluation Health Check

Askaris provide a specialist who visits the rig and conducts a full evaluation of the systems and culture currently in place,

This information is then used to create a rig specific Dropped Object awareness training programme and also to advise rig management of any suggested system and policies that could be put in place to reduce

Stage Two – A Rig Specific Dropped Object Awareness Training Programme

An awareness training programme will be conducted with key personnel on board. This is a half day programme to help raise awareness of Dropped Objects and ensure crew are aware of their surroundings and possible hazards

Stage Three – A Dropped Objects Survey and Creation of a Tablet Based Report

A thorough Dropped Objects survey is conducted by a team of rope access capable Dropped Objects specialists, any findings are closed out there and then (with client approval) or document in detail for correction as soon as possible.

The corrective actions and report are all compiled on an EX rated ruggedized tablet for handing to the client at Stage 4.

Using Askaris’ electronic Dropped Objects inspection system allows for greatly added functionality over a standard paper based dropped objects crew pack. Such as:

  • A full inventory of all equipment located in specific rig zones
  • RFID tagging of equipment allows for individual equipment inspections requirements to be found instantly.
  • Easy to use step by step inspection guidance is built into the crew checklists
  • The electronic Dropped Objects follow up pack can be added to and updated easily by the rig crew.
  • Full management of inspection and corrective actions and new corrective actions can be added by the rig crew
  • The rig can easily see any items missed during the crew inspection.
  • Photographs can be taken of equipment or problem areas by the crew for sharing and adding to the database
  • All best practices, retention information and other relevant dropped objects documentation is stored on the tablet for easy crew access.
  • Inspection will be automatically linked to Askaris’ online Reporting System Certrack

Stage Four – Handover of Rig Specific Tablet Application

The tablet is handed over to rig team and they are trained on its functionality and use.

If they ever have any further questions, don’t worry, there is also a Technical Query application that allows Drops related queries to be answered and advice received at the push of a button.

Safety measures, thankfully, continue to be pushed for improvement throughout the Oil and Gas industry and because of that reporting of incidents is more efficient and effective than ever. Accidents and near misses are better exposed now and it is much easier to see where and how incidents are occurring. Through those reports and the honesty of MODU and Platform owners themselves, it has been easy to ascertain that one of the main offenders continues to be dropped objects.

Ensuring steps are taken to mitigate a rig or platform against potential Dropped Objects is a big step in ensuring the safety of crew members.

Regular Dropped Objects inspections should be conducted by a competent 3rd party company, like Askaris, using rope access if required, to enable access to all equipment.

There should also be a commitment to rectify any problem areas found and ensure the risks are removed, not just documented.

Choosing Askaris to conduct your Dropped Objects Survey, means you have selected the most proficient and advanced Dropped Objects Prevention company in the world. With over fifteen years of Dropped Objects Survey experience, many thousands of surveys conducted and hundreds of thousands of potential Dropped Objects found and rectified.

As well as conducting a thorough inspection and working with the crew to rectify any issues found, Askaris will also prepare an easy to follow, level-by-level follow-up pack, with clear photographic reference, for the crew to carry out their own surveys after our departure.

Crew check sheets from the follow-up pack can easily be printed from the post inspection CD/USB electronic report, or from visiting you rig or platforms home page on Askaris’ reporting website www.certrack.com.

As an active member of the DROPS Forum, we would also like to suggest a visit to http://www.dropsonline.org to gain access to their excellent library, safety posters and further information on the prevention of Dropped Objects.

Askaris’ eLearning training programme has been developed to ensure that Dropped Objects training is always available to your personnel and the 3rd party personnel visiting your rig or platform.

The eLearning focusing on being aware of the dangers and consequences of Potential Dropped Objects, how to prevent them, industry best practices and recommended guidelines.

Dropped Objects eLearning is designed to be an annual, online training and competency verification system that ensures all personnel have an up to date knowledge of Dropped Objects best working practices.

Features and Benefits:

  • Personnel can all receive the same training and therefore a consistent message on mitigating Dropped Objects.
  • It allows service companies visiting the facility to understand the rig or platforms commitment to Dropped Objects and help guide them to conducting their work without causing a Dropped Object themselves.
  • Learning is self-paced, personnel taking part can take time to understand Dropped Objects and speed up or slow down at their own pace, making learning more effective.
  • eLearning reduces time away on courses, reduces the cost of classroom based training and cuts down on related travel expenses.
  • eLearning can be accessed globally and therefore there are no geographical barriers to improvement
  • 24/7 accessibility and on demand access means learning it can take place when needed
  • Learning activity can be measured to prove a return on investment
  • Online learning is an effective way to reduce your carbon footprint

The majority of Dropped Objects incidents could have been avoided by the crew having a better awareness of how a Dropped Objects might be about to occur and there is a much greater buy-in by personnel to improved safety measures when training occurs specific to that.

Recent industry studies have also shown that Dropped Objects are reduced when leaders in the company show a strong commitment to the prevention of dropped objects and make it clear that they are committed to eradicating dropped objects and expect the company to also have a commitment to that.

Dropped Objects, static or dynamic, can occur under many different circumstances. It can be through ignored equipment finally giving in to gravity, during everyday routine activity, or also on those unusual one-off jobs.

It is extremely important that personnel are given the skills needed to identify potential Dropped Objects around them.

Askaris can provide on or off-site training on Dropped Objects Prevention, with the personnel’s actual workplace being the ideal location. This covers a range of training from:

  • Identifying potential Static Dropped Objects and conducting internal Dropped Objects surveys
  • Primary retention, secondary retention and secondary securing
  • Identifying potential Dynamic Dropped Objects
  • Being aware of Dynamic Dropped Objects in everyday activities and non-standard activities
  • How to make Dropped Objects a part of JRA’s/JSA’s
  • Understanding common Dropped Objects, what causes these and how to prevent them
  • Safe rectification of potential Dropped Objects.

Askaris provide many of our clients with Askaris Drops Champions.

Our Drops Champions are available on a one off basis, or even permanently, to act as your Drops expert and help your organisation reduce its exposure to Dropped Objects.

As an example, Askaris’ Drops Champions are perfect for:

  • Building, reviewing, advising changes and making changes to Dropped Objects policies and procedures.
  • Leading in-house training program covering DROPS issues and risks and providing both theoretical and practical dropped objects training to personnel at all levels, including Train the Trainer.
  • Investigating drops incidents and provide plans to mitigate similar instances
  • Facilitating or carry out DROPS risk assessments.
  • Participating in audits to check the effectiveness of DROPS inspections and DROPS hazard identification by both 3rd party’s and intercompany personnel.
  • Liaising with regulatory bodies where applicable.
  • Issuing timely safety alerts for DROPS incidents in co-operations with the HSE department and the line.
  • Acting as a focal point for rig teams, providing support for resolving issues (e.g. secondary retention, derrick surveys, etc.).