OTC 2016 Spotlight On New Technology Award Winner, Dopp

Dropped objects are a real hazard within the oil and gas industry and has been specifically designed with this in mind. The programme supports and enhances the delivery of a dropped objects prevention plan.

This is the first of a series of new products from Askaris designed to make managing risk and safety on oil installations easier, by providing control and visibility to rig personnel and management so that they are aware of the status of their installation at all times.

DOPP Tablet Application Layout

A tablet application is introduced at Stage 3. This has been designed to build an inventory of permanent and temporary equipment on the rig and is ultimately handed over to the crew as a real-­time reference. Information from the surveys is also automatically linked to Askaris Dropstrack Premium Reporting System. Askaris also offer a Technical Query application that allows Drops related queries to be answered and advice received at the push of a button.

Compete Dropped Object Prevention Program in Oil & Gas Industry

Stage One – A Rig Specific Dropped Object Evaluation Health Check

  • Provide a specialist to visit the rig and provide a full evaluation
  • This information will be used to create a specific dropped object awareness programme
  • A summary will be sent to the rig management team

Stage Two – A Rig Specific Dropped Object Awareness Training Programme

  • An awareness training programme will be arranged for key personnel on board
  • Ensures crew are aware of their surroundings and possible hazards
  • A half day programme

Stage Three – A Tablet Based Dropped Object Application

  • A full inventory of all equipment located in specific rig zones
  • Full management of inspection and corrective actions
  • Easy to use step by step guidance
  • Inspection will be automatically linked to the Askaris Certrack/Dropstrack Reporting System
  • Allows crew inspections, corrective actions, monitor inspection frequency and the ability to view any items  missed during each inspection.
  • Askaris will also perform third party initial inspection using this application.
  • During Askaris inspections all equipment will be tagged, inventories created and corrective actions closed out
  • Annual review by the Askaris team

Stage Four – Handover of Rig Specific Tablet Application

  • Tablets handed over to rig team

ELearning Awareness Training package – for employees and sub-contractors

  • An Annual ELearning training programme to ensure that all personnel are aware of the dangers and consequences of Potential Dropped Objects, how to prevent them, industry best practices and recommended guidelines

Please click here to download an information sheet on Dropped Objects Prevention Programme.